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Project members



DINA cheraghvand

Dina Cheraghvand is a recent  communication specialist in Iran Novin advertising company, where she works  on internal branding to help the human resources to have improved working atmosphere. Having a  M.A  in Tourism with special interest and expertise in rituals and traditions, made her a tour leader and fed her adventurous and communicative characteristic. Meanwhile she achieved creating special experiences and reviving forgotten traditions. Since five years ago she trained in many workshops in contemporary, folk and classic dances and dance movement therapy which led her to continue in DMT of Heidelberg University, which happens after opening the closed borders of pandemic period. Meanwhile she has become a member of “Movement for Growth” group to create innovative body-mind experiences. 



Sorour holds a BA in composing from Tehran-Iran. She also holds a singing degree from Voce-sana school in Italy.  It has been five years she has started  contemporary dance trainings. Sorour  is  a creativity trainer for children based on music and movement and currently records an audiobook for kids.

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