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About Sanaz

Sanaz Ghorbani is an Iranian (East Azerbaijan ethnic) Socio-political contemporary, Salsa waacking dance artist; currently based in Paris. Belonging to "Woman, Life, Freedom" actual movement of Iran. She expresses herself through her dance, about Iranian women right and the fact of illegality of dance in Iran. She holds a BA in Dramas from Tehran. She has also studied DAMS in Rome. Graduated from a bachelor contemporary dance program in ACTS dance school of Paris in June 2022.

Sanaz works in the field of multi-disciplinary movement activities such as choreography, performance, video making and movement/dance research.

She is the founder of „Movement for growth“ an exprimental research group on body and movement. „Movement for growth“ grew out of the first quarantine in Paris beginning May 2020 with Iranian female artists.  She documented her works sharing body experiences with her group. Her work resulted in a collection of videos and livestreams. The work of „Movement for growth“ was first presented to the public in July 2020 in a digital group exhibition. A film featuring the groups activities was selected for the lift-off film festival/UK. In February 9th, 2021 she and her main research group had an online performance in "Movement Research Laboratory" in NewYork.

In her current group project « Body and Architecture»  she studies the connection between the body experiences, monuments and architectural designs. Sanaz's recent final projects and activities in ACTS:

-Dance is illegal in Iran, a video performance in Paris's streets

-The situation of Iranian dancers in abroad (her thesis) 

-"My choreography through a forbidden body" (Her final project)


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