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Especial thanks to my generous donators

In June 2022 I have started a Crowdfunding to raise money for one of educational opportunities I have been accepted in two best-known dance programs in New York;

1.Sarah Lawrence College for MFA in dance 

2. Martha Graham school

Since the raised amount  did not reach the mentioned goal, after efforts and considering many situations, my study project in New York can not be realized for now !

Therefore, there are two possibilities for the donations:


2.Your donation can still be a great help for my dance study and trainings where I live, magnificently supporting me to still keep up with my dance goals!

(This message has been alrady sent personaly to the donators I could have access to, please do write me back if you didn't recieve any news, since unhappily there is no email access possibility on GoFundMe website for me to reach every individual )

My dear donators,

In any case and as showing you just a bit of my great appreciation toward your generous supports, I decided to dedicate a

" page of appreciation" to you, announicing your names here:


Artia Zandian

Cinzia Matassa

Sara Safarianova

Fernando Lasso

Dario dell'Arciprete

Kamnoush Khosravani

Roberto Fumagalli

Emilie Goujon

Pejman Golshan

Denisa Vukaj

Hediyeh Azma

Arrianna Moiani

Steve Minin

Jeremie Garnier

Elodie Chauvet

Simona Testa

Roberto Scholz

Lisa Bruns

Tom Sauvage

Parmida Ziayee

Julie Ehrenfeld

Tiphanine Boulard

Justina Daugelaite

Qin Youngdale

Maryam Taheri

Pauline Cuenin

Costanza Deserti

Rocio Cruz

Asal Vaseghnia

Taraneh Dana

Carla Falciano

Iren Ajdari

Farbod Alirezaei

Cindy Geta

I also need to add that without these amazing women, running my Crowedfunding would not have been possible!
Thank you so much for standing by me in all the steps!

Dina Cheraghvand
Tina Bararian
Rojeen Shafiei
Kamnoush Khosravani
Nasim lootij

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